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    In September, Parliament declared Mary the rightful successor and denounced and revoked Jane's proclamation as that of a usurper. Referred to by the court as Jane Dudley, wife of Guildford, Jane was charged with high treason , as were her husband, two of his brothers, and the former Archbishop of Canterbury , Thomas Cranmer. As was to be expected, all defendants were found guilty and sentenced to death. Jane's guilt, of having treacherously assumed the title and the power of the monarch, was evidenced by a number of documents she had signed as "Jane the Quene". Her father, Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk, and his two brothers joined the rebellion, and so the government decided to go through with the verdict against Jane and Guildford.

    Their execution was first scheduled for 9 February , but was then postponed for three days to give Jane a chance to convert to the Catholic faith. Mary sent her chaplain John Feckenham to Jane, who was initially not pleased about this. On the morning of 12 February , the authorities took Guildford from his rooms at the Tower of London to the public execution place at Tower Hill , where he was beheaded. A horse and cart brought his remains back to the Tower, past the rooms where Jane was staying. Seeing her husband's corpse return, Jane is reported to have exclaimed: "Oh, Guildford, Guildford.

    According to the account of her execution given in the anonymous Chronicle of Queen Jane and of Two Years of Queen Mary , which formed the basis for Raphael Holinshed 's depiction, Jane gave a speech upon ascending the scaffold:. Good people, I am come hither to die, and by a law I am condemned to the same.

    The fact, indeed, against the Queen's highness was unlawful, and the consenting thereunto by me: but touching the procurement and desire thereof by me or on my behalf, I do wash my hands thereof in innocency, before God, and the face of you, good Christian people, this day. While admitting to action considered unlawful, she declared that "I do wash my hands thereof in innocence". The executioner asked her forgiveness, which she granted him, pleading: "I pray you dispatch me quickly. Jane then failed to find the block with her hands, and cried, "What shall I do?

    Where is it? With her head on the block, Jane spoke the last words of Jesus as recounted by Luke : "Lord, into thy hands I commend my spirit!

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    No memorial stone was erected at their grave. She died in During and in the aftermath of the Marian persecutions , Jane became viewed as a Protestant martyr for centuries, featuring prominently in the several editions of the Book of Martyrs Actes and Monuments of these Latter and Perillous Dayes by John Foxe. The tale of Lady Jane grew to legendary proportions in popular culture, producing romantic biographies, novels, plays, operas, paintings, and films. Jane Grey is the only English monarch in the last years though whether her short reign was legitimate is disputed of whom no proven contemporary portrait survives.

    Painted 40 to 50 years after Jane's death, the " Streatham portrait " so called after the area of London in which it resided for decades depicts a young woman dressed in a red gown, adorned with jewels and holding a prayer book. David Starkey is sceptical, "It's an appallingly bad picture and there's absolutely no reason to suppose it's got anything to do with Lady Jane Grey". The following chart illustrates Jane's relationship to the House of Tudor and other claimants to the English throne. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    For other uses, see Jane Grey disambiguation. The Streatham portrait , discovered at the beginning of the 21st century and believed to be a copy of a contemporaneous portrait of Lady Jane Grey [1]. Lord Guildford Dudley m. See also: Third Succession Act. Main article: Cultural depictions of Lady Jane Grey. The Guardian.

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    Retrieved 11 May National Portrait Gallery Publications. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford : Oxford University Press. Pegasus Books — via Google Books.