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As also what steps they can take as administrators to restore the ecological balance; and what steps should be taken into punish violators of the law. Activities Conducting seminars on environmental issues. Trekking for appreciation of nature.

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Conducting Quiz. Conducting Photography exhibition for photographs taken during trekking in Himalayas and village visit. To organize sports activities and recreational pursuits for the members. To promote and provide facilities for indoor and outdoor games. To select and coach the teams of the club in various games and for the Athletics Meet on behalf of the Academy and participate in Meets within and outside the Academy.

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To organize periodical Sports Meet and tournaments within the Academy. To organize sports quiz, talks, films etc. Lecture Group wise tournaments in Volleyball, Football and Basketball, Cricket were also organised during the course.

Athletic Meet. Cross-Country Run.

Spark of Love Toy Drive-December 8th Club Meeting--Don't Forget to Bring Those Presents!

It is the Centre for community life at the Academy. An active Mess life also contributes significantly to esprit-de-corps among the trainees from different cadres and services. The effectiveness of the Mess is measured in terms of quality of food, quality of service and cost effectiveness. Every OT is a member of the Mess. It is assisted by a Mess Manager, a Mess Supervisor, a Mess Accountant, a Storekeeper and a staff of about 40 employees including cooks, helpers, table bearers, room bearers, safai karamchari and dishwashers. The organization, besides meeting the requirements of the trainees, helps develop managerial and organizational skills amongst its office bearers.

Activities Regular Health Camps— on every Thursday from pm to pm. The doctor Officer-Trainees work as volunteers for counselling. It is one of the most important and long lasting contributions of the community. The Society runs the Balwadi since It is operates from the Happy Valley Ground building. Society takes up and supports the poor who are not able to bear their health expenses. The Society runs a Skill Development Centre, wherein girls from nearby areas are given training in stitching, handicrafts and beauty parlour work.

Reading a book someone "just loves" can lead to hurt feelings—like inviting people into your living room to critique your decor. Best to stay on neutral territory. Do mix genres.

First: Find your book club friends.

A steady diet of one thing can be dull, dull, dull. Try interspersing fiction—current and classic—with nonfiction: poetry, history, or biography. Do explore themes. Focus on a specific author, travel journals, childhood memoirs, books on food, or a literary issue family, loss, working of fate. Don't do it for the whole year see 2 above , maybe just 3 or 4 months. Don't choose for the whole year. It ties you into a rigid year-long schedule with no flexibility to add exciting new works you might learn about.

How to Start a Successful Book Club in 4 Simple Steps

And it's unfair for those who miss that one meeting. Do choose 2 or 3 at a time. This allows members to read at their own pace. Players, managers, owners and staff come and go, but we, the Fulham supporters, remain through thick and thin.

Today our aims are significantly wider. We have an award winning structured dialogue with Fulham FC which allows us to represent the views of supporters on a range of issues and influence the club at the highest level. Your views matter and your membership matters. The greater our membership, the louder our voice. I really appreciate the way in which the Trust represents the views of Fulham fans in their regular meetings with the Club.