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The main character is easily understandable. The BDSM scenes are hawt - very nicely done. Can't wait to read what will be written next. Recommended for kinky lovers who enjoy some pain with their domestic discipline. Shelves: read-on-kindle , genre-bdsm , sex-pairing-mf. Oh yummy! I can completely handle DD Domestic Discipline even though I'm not that fond of the punishment concept.

I really enjoyed this tightly written very sexy story. All parts of it were nailed including the lady haha! Nothing detracted - because it was not written as if it was a full story of their entire lives. The title indicates what it is - and it is dead. Interesting cha Oh yummy! Interesting characters - a husband that might be enjoying the whole discipline thing a little more than wifeypoo would have anticipated. So in other words - I was completely lovin' it. Well worth the purchase! Edited to Add the following to help clarify: In general I dislike the punishment dynamic that comes from a mindset of someone knows better than me how I should behave and is going to hit me to get me to do it.

This is separate from non-con impact or from books that use punishment in a very erotic way even with extremely harsh punishment. Upon reflection it is hinted at in the review above I realized why I liked this so much. That skews it completely for me and removes it from solely DD type and puts it back in the realm of sadism more and I love it.

There is something for me about taking pain for another that pushes all my buttons. I don't necessarily think it is "masochist" although I am that. It's one part of submission that thrills me. Pain and only pain that someone gives because they can, because they enjoy it, because they like to see the reaction. I felt it very strongly in this one.

So for me it wasn't about the concept of a punishment at all - I was looking at the darker dynamic underlying what was occurring and that is why I liked it. It reminded me a bit of Tria and Prima. The shortness of it worked for me because it was basically just a scene with some background - any longer and I'd of been complaining it was incomplete.

I thought he kept it very tight to the actual scene while providing just enough info to get some understanding of the overall picture. View 2 comments. Jul 20, Willow Madison rated it it was amazing. I don't need your words. I need your cries. There isn't much background story given with this one. Yet, the love and trust between husband and wife is obviously well-developed. It's a fast read and gets to the point quickly As Troy pushes Lacey's and his own limits, the blend of fear, desire, need, and pain is felt from both the dominant and submissive perspectives beautifully.

Add in the "Shh, just be quiet, little girl. Add in the right spice of bondage and it's a perfect how-to for anyone looking for a DD romance. Okay, just to be fair View all 25 comments. Dec 09, Coco. Oct 19, Becca rated it it was ok Shelves: erotic , domestic-discipline-spanking , bdsm. After reading several beautifully written and thoughtful comments on various aspects of the BDSM lifestyle by this author, I looked forward to this short, slice of life story by Trent Evans. Troy and Lacey are married and, as a result of Lacey's request, have added domestic discipline - both maintenance and punishment - to their marriage.

It is clear that Lacey is a masochist, and, at least to some extent, submissive. Troy has taken to this lifestyle change like the proverbial duck to water - cl After reading several beautifully written and thoughtful comments on various aspects of the BDSM lifestyle by this author, I looked forward to this short, slice of life story by Trent Evans. Troy has taken to this lifestyle change like the proverbial duck to water - clearly embracing his inner sadist. I have difficulty with the concept of punishment in general, and I'm completely mystified about maintenance.

I knew that this book was going to be, at least to some degree, uncomfortable to read. I'd hoped for some insight and understanding about maintenance - why it is used, and what it accomplishes. I'd also looked forward to an enjoyable, erotic read - let's face it, if I really want more clarity on this subject I'd be better off choosing nonfiction. Emphasis was on the punishment scenes themselves to my count, there were 4 distinct and extreme "punishments" and very little on emotions. We are told Lacey loves Troy, that she is confused by the extent of punishment she is receiving, and that she dreads, hates, and is humiliated by various methods Troy uses.

He certainly has chosen to throw the book at her this particular night. The pain, and Lacey's physical reaction to it, is described very effectively, but I continually wondered "why". Why so hard, why so much? Punishment was added to their Friday night maintenance I wasn't clear on which part was maintenance and which punishment, although I don't think that is particularly important , because Lacey had neglected to tell Troy her period had ended.

She found it humiliating that she had to tell him when it started and when it ended I have no idea why a wife would find it humiliating to tell her husband about her period. No explanation was given as to why Troy required this, and it seemed a rather silly thing to be punished over. No, it wasn't the fact that Lacey was punished that bothered me, she clearly wanted it and Troy wanted to dole it out. It was the extent, and intensity - in my opinion way over the top. I didn't quite feel that law enforcement should be called in, but I did wonder if Lacey was suffering from some form of spousal Stockholm Syndrome and perhaps needed some kink aware counseling.

She is confused and concerned about why Troy has gone so far with punishment. Her confusion isn't really addressed, just stated. We don't get Troy's point of view, which may have helped. And, in an explanation that drives me slightly batty, it was all okay because she was wet. Troy comes off as cold, callous and cruel - not loving and caring.

By Benson J. Lossing

I had a particularly difficult time with the use of a sexual practice as punishment - that strikes me as a good way to make someone view something intimate, as something hated. Troy does ask Lacey if she needs to use her safe word - but it felt more like a dare than anything else.

She begs him for mercy, he gives her none. Then he proceeds to give her the last strike - the hardest one of all, in the most sensitive, and therefore painful, place. That is the action of a concerned and protective husband?

Valley of Surrender Series - VolI - Valley of Surrender

I couldn't help wondering if, when the endorphins clear, Lacey will decide that next Friday night will be better spent elsewhere - far, far away from her husband. Certainly, it is hard to imagine her ever saying TGIF in the future. The man who not only knew how to fuck oh Christ, did he , but a man who complemented her need to feel pain, with his need to give it? But the only negative thing I will say is, it seem like they both were knew to this. I know all to well about wanting to please your husband but you can talk about your fears Remember, in this kind of relationship, the most important thing is; " Communication!

View all 8 comments. Jun 23, Talltree rated it liked it Shelves: trope-married-cple , sc-erotic-kinky-bdsmy. Oct 01, Jane rated it really liked it. A married couple. Friday evening. Are they doing DIY? Well, in a sense, yes.

e-book Maintenance Night (Valley of Surrender Book 0)

It just so happens that their form of nurture involves some spanking and caning. Maintenance Night touched on some concepts that resonated particularly strongly with me. Firstly, courage and open-mindedness. I wanted to cheer Lacey, the female protagonist, for having the bottle to speak up and ask her husband to spank and discipline her, and Troy, her other half, for being so accepting of her needs. No baulking from this man. Secondly, the extremely positive portrayal of impact play and BDSM in general within an existing, committed relationship was extremely refreshing.

Her Master and Commander

Bluntly, it was nice to see two people, already together, still discovering and challenging one another. What a great way to be! As they play, Troy consistently checks in with his wife and, when he raises the stakes, he reminds her of her safeword — and, thus, of her choice to participate. Her hands twisted in his grip, so determined were they to swipe away the evidence of her defeat.

We spent the rest of the day squirming in our seats with no possible outlet. So clearly this book appeals equally to both genders! Maintenance Night is written in the third-person and focuses on Lacey's thoughts and feelings.

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I got a pretty good idea from the way he behaved but what can I say? I like to crawl around inside the minds of my fictional characters. Finally, a guilty secret. And Mr Evans? Great cover. View all 6 comments.

Shelves: adult , sharedamazon , ereaderiq-athr-bks , prch-amazon , erotica , suspense , romance , 1-owned-all , sharedfacebook , 0-n-order-by-athr. Is it hot in here or is it just me? Fanning face I may need a strong drink and a cold shower. Or maybe a cold strong drink and a hot night with my hubbie! Oh my goodness! I did see two typos. But lord have mercy if I can remember them! This book is HOT! Erotica the way you really want it.

Beautifully written. Flows smooth and delicious. An actual story with solid characters. Lacey and Troy are intense. And this is just the prequel! I don't know if this old body can take the heat. I may just spontaneously combust. Oct 15, Barb rated it it was amazing. I have never heard of this author named Trent Evans but now that I have read this book, I am addicted to this author.

I opened the e-book and never once put it down until the last page. Lacey craves pain and to be pushed beyond her limits by her husband Troy. Troy loves pushing her beyond her limits because he knows she wants it but really she needs the pain, she craves to see how far past her limits she can be pushed. She knows Troy loves her and all she would have to do is say their safe word b I have never heard of this author named Trent Evans but now that I have read this book, I am addicted to this author.

She knows Troy loves her and all she would have to do is say their safe word but just when you think she is going to say it and stop all the pain, she keeps right on pushing through. In some peoples eyes the pain in this book will be construed as abuse but it's not. Some people crave candy but Lacey craves candy in the form of pain.

I wondered at times if Lacey didn't do as she was told because she knew Troy would punish her in a way she truly wanted. You can feel the connection between Troy and Lacey. Even though Troy seems to become a man without no feelings while he is punishing Lacey but you can still tell he loves her and does this to her because of that love. He wants her to be happy and pushing her beyond normal limits makes her very happy. I thought even though some of the scenes seemed rough, even through all the pain, I could see the beauty of wanting to please your spouse in the way they needed and wanted.

The ending was very unexpected but I am sure people who live this lifestyle have to find a way to deal with what life throws at you. Troy and Lacey are characters who I fell in love with right away. Troy is tough but gentle all at the same time.

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Lacey wants to please Troy but knows if she doesn't do what is expected, Troy will bring her to the brink of breaking but oh the rewards are well worth it. Dec 12, Kayla Stonor rated it it was amazing Shelves: erotic , dd. Their DD focuses on a regular night of spanking that her husband, Troy, likes to call maintenance and Lacey both fears and revels in her Friday Maintenance. Troy has instilled some humiliating demands into their marriage providing good excuse for punishment when Lacey fails to meet them. Still, this undoubtedly turns her on.

However, this Friday Troy extends their ritual into new areas she is unprepared for. He sweeps her along, giving her little opportunity to catch up, and so the sense that this is verging on dubious consent or non-consent gets stronger. The unease Mr Evans provokes is relieved only by the tiny signals passing between husband and wife. Plus there are little clues that Troy loves his wife and would not harm her or take her beyond her limits.

Still, he certainly pushes her to the maximum and there is a disturbing glimpse of how much her pain gives him pleasure. I had a slight problem with this. Her motivation for lying in the first place is not entirely clear. Is she lying to ensure her husband punishes her? That would make sense, but her thoughts on the subject led me to believe otherwise. Overall a 5. Sep 15, Felicity Nichols rated it it was amazing. Oh My! I feel like I need to go take a cold shower after reading this.

Maintenance Night was an intense read that had me squirming in parts and needing to take breathers. It's maintenance night and Lacey is dreading it as always. She knows she agreed to it but it doesn't make it any easier to handle. She loves Troy and trusts him but on this night he will push her submission to the limits. Troy is the Dom of our dreams. He is firm and unrelenting with Lacey.