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John's University Law School. Chapter Vivian Berger. An active mediator since the mids, Prof. Berger specializes in employment mediation. She has met the criteria for the designation Advanced Practitioner in employment mediation by the Association for Conflict Resolution. Chapter Stephen B. Stephen B. He is a co-author with William L. Ury and Professor Jeanne M. Chapter Johnnie Scott Jr.

Johnnie Scott Jr. Previously, Mr. Scott served as an administrative judge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and as a commissioner of mediation with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. He also has worked as a mental health specialist and counselor. Chapter Matthew W. Matthew W.

Jason R. Chapter Richard D. Richard D. Chapter Samuel H. DeShazer and Judy Cohen.

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Samuel H. DeShazer holds a B. Chapter Arnold M. Chapter Edward E. Shumaker, III. Edward E. Chapter Andrew W. Andrew W. Volin earned a B. Chapter Claudio Orr. Chapter Benjamin Wolkinson and Mark Roehling. Roehling holds the title of Associate Professor.

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