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So much so that her family has staged a mini-intervention. Nothing like the ones you see on TV, just each member approaching her and telling her that her behavior needs to improve, or her future will suffer. That includes her BFF Ben. Although he's not family, he's just the sot who's been in love with her since high-school.

Ben's not getting through to her either, so he defaulted to keeping an eye on her from a safe distance, not wanting to see her self-destruct up close. When Elle throws a surprise birthday party for Ben, things change for both of them.

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It becomes a major turning point in both of their lives, and they have to separate in order to make sense of things. But what happens when Elle figures out that Ben isn't just the friend she can take advantage of when she needs a shoulder to cry on? Things get complicated real fast when feelings escalate, and college life becomes a priority that neither Elle nor Ben can ignore at such an important time in their lives.

Both of them need to find out what they want - and if it's worth investing any more time and energy into their relationship. I really loved this book, but the one thing that I had an issue with was Ben's wimpiness. I liked that Elle faced her problems rather quickly, and took actions that seemed true to real-life. Apr 17, Shirin Rasheed rated it it was amazing. A Beautifully written Young Love Story. I Loved Ben So Much. Read this Book right now.

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Apr 15, Luchi Rzezak rated it liked it. I love everything there is about this book This is the second book about the second generation of these people and I am loving to see them growing up.

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Elle and Ben have grown up together as beat best friends they have done everything together and starting their adult lives is the same but tragedy almost hits home for Elle and Ben is there but their relationship takes a different turn and can their relationship survive? Aug 06, Nicolena Salerno rated it it was amazing. Another great installment of the Beaumont Next Gen series!

Elle grew up differently than I had imagined, but it was good! Ben was a get addition to the story. Apr 12, Shannon Diaz rated it liked it. I was also a bit surprised with all the errors too.. Apr 12, Sandy S rated it really liked it. Everything they did, they did it together, from late night study sessions, family v 3. Unable to come to terms with the idea of losing her twin, Elle James life becomes a non-stop adventure of drinking and partying affecting both her grades and the close relationships in her life.

Enter best friend and the man who is hopelessly in love with our story line heroine, Ben Miller.

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  7. When Ben is offered an internship in New York, his only hesitation is leaving behind the woman he loves. There is a distinct lack of communication between our leading couple that leads to alienation and a loss of support —a support system that is no longer strong but fragile and broken. The premise is heartbreaking; the romance is passionate; the characters are energetic and driven. Copy supplied for review www. Apr 10, J. Benoit rated it really liked it. Reviewed on behalf of The Book Boyfriend Addict. A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

    They became quick friends and have been through all man Reviewed on behalf of The Book Boyfriend Addict. Struggling with almost losing her twin sister, Elle has lost her way. Her recklessness leads to actions that have the potential to change her relationship with Ben forever, and not necessarily in a good way. As their paths diverge with Ben following his dreams and Elle facing the consequences of her actions, will the connection they share be enough to bring them back together?

    I get that she was dealing with what happened to her sister, but I had to wonder how much of her behavior was actually her true personality and how much was caused by what happened to Peyton. She does show some growth over the course of the book, but by the end, I was still only lukewarm on her. I did like Ben, although I felt he was a little too weak when it came to Elle. It was clear that he was in love with Elle, but I had a hard time understanding why, since pretty much everything we see of them together is her walking all over him.

    There were a few flashbacks where we could see how things had been different once upon a time, perhaps if we were shown a few more of those moments I would have understood better what made him fall for her. His love for Elle aside, I thought Ben was a really good guy and I was glad that he at least attempted to focus on himself and his dreams at one point. We get to see more of Peyton and Noah, which was really sweet and of course, we get to see Katelyn, Harrison and even Jimmy and Jenna. It seems like Quinn is up next? Apr 16, Books Laid Bare rated it really liked it.

    The second book in the series that gives us a peek into the lives of the kids from the hugely popular Beaumont Series but now the kids are all grown up, striking out into the big wide world and spreading their wings, but were they living the lives that I as an avid fan of the original series, had hoped they would? The book revolves around Elle, twin sister of Peyton and I must admit I liked the fact that the author gave us more of Peyton and Noah in this story too and daughter of Harrison who The second book in the series that gives us a peek into the lives of the kids from the hugely popular Beaumont Series but now the kids are all grown up, striking out into the big wide world and spreading their wings, but were they living the lives that I as an avid fan of the original series, had hoped they would?

    Living with her brother Quinn whilst she attends college means that she has the opportunity to live life to the beat of her own drum for once, but she seems to be out of tune with everything that is good for her, she burns the candle at both ends, resulting in her studies suffering and she seems oblivious and at times downright rude to her longtime best friend Ben who is at UCLA with her. But could see or was she too far down the rabbit hole of self-pity? I was rooting for him and hoped that Elle would see that the best thing in her life was ready to walk away.

    Will she stand by him when he makes a decision that could very well mean that she no longer has him by her side? Will she be happy for him as he moves on? In their own way they both loved each other, I had my fingers crossed that they could find a happy place to allow that love to settle, but it was far from straightforward and far from easy. As you would expect from Ms McLaughlin this was beautifully written, it had an easy pace and was evocative of the series as a whole. Apr 19, Christie72 rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites , friends-to-lovers , romance , sexy , series , emotional , sweet , friendship , family , heart-melting-romance.

    Her books are always heart melting and filled with so much emotion. I remember Elle and her twin sister, Peyton, when they were just kids. I adored them like everyone else did. Now, both are on the cusp of becoming adults. I have to be honest and say I had mixed feelings about Elle. I knew she had been through a lot recently, but I found her to be selfish, especially where her best friend, Ben, was concerned. He has been such a support for her and her family, always rearranging his life to be there for her. She took him for granted, never seeing what was right in front of her.

    Finally, when Ben has had enough of his heart being broken by her, he leaves. When he pulls away, she is finally forced to take a hard look at herself. It is at this point, that I started respecting and liking her. Finally, with the help of her family and her own strength she is beginning to crawl out of her pit of despair. His devotion to Elle was incredible. I wanted them to be together, but I respected him even more when he made that break from her. He deserved happiness, and he deserved someone who would love and appreciate him.

    It took guts for him to leave everything and everyone he knew and loved and go someplace where he knew no one to pursue his dreams. He tried to forget Elle, but she owned his heart. His ability to forgive her was amazing…thankfully!!!! This was a fantastic friends to lovers romance. I thought the pacing was spot on. Elle had to fix some of her own issues before she could even think of a relationship with Ben. That was going to take some time. What I love about McLaughlin, there is always something more than just a romance.

    In this book, it was about growing up and becoming adults, which is never easy. As always, her theme of family and friendship is weaved throughout every page. Apr 07, Stephanie rated it really liked it. This is the second book in the spin-off. Although it is a standalone, I recommend that you read book 1 Holding On To Forever first because it has a lot of the back story and details. It will give you a better understanding of some of the characters and what they have experienced.

    Elle Powell-James grew up in the small town of Beaumont where she was just a normal kid. The best of friends. They have a friendship that is solid, except, Ben wants to be more than friends. He is afraid to express himself for fear of losing her….. For me, it was love at first sight. Now in college, Elle is struggling after her twin sister Peyton almost died in a terrible car accident.

    She is on a path of self-destruction. A downward spiral. Emotional and lost. Poor Ben. Always there to pick up the pieces and make sure she is safe. He fears rejection if he confesses his true feelings. And so it begins. The story has a very slow build up and then a slow pace. There is heart ache, drama, angst, and regret. Change must occur, but who will be the one that changes? I felt that her story was anti-climactic. The writing is good, but I was a bit disappointed. But all is not lost!!!

    Jun 12, Tina rated it really liked it. This book was a change of pace for the overused manipulative ex and fake pregnancy trope we've seen in nearly every Beaumont universe book. Elle Powell-James is a mess. After nearly losing her twin in a car accident that rings similar to the one that cost them their father as children and after saying goodbye to her and trying to get Noah to do the same; Elle isn't coping.

    And no one notices until she self-destructs in a haze of alcohol binges, public behaviour she used to mock and declining grad This book was a change of pace for the overused manipulative ex and fake pregnancy trope we've seen in nearly every Beaumont universe book. And no one notices until she self-destructs in a haze of alcohol binges, public behaviour she used to mock and declining grades. Her brother and parents are on her case to shape up or ship out to rehab. They even have her long time best friend Ben on side.

    Ben has been in love with Elle since the nanosecond he saw her. He became her best friend because he was afraid if he tried for more he'd lose her. He wants to help her, but doesn't want to lose her. So he sides with her family in their effort to get her help. In the near decade they've been friends he has also become part of their close-knit extended family and not for their fame.

    He loves these people. It all comes to a head at his birthday party. Elle is drunk and ends up sleeping with Ben. A dream come true for him until they wake up and she doesn't remember. This serves as the catalyst Ben needs to chase his professional dream after being offered a ten week internship at his dream company. I get where Ben is coming from. He absconds to New York without telling anyone but his brother and mostly maintains radio silence with Elle.

    They keep using "friendzone" to describe his friendship with Elle and I think this does a disservice to their relationship. Especially since it's being used incorrectly. The friendzone is a word used when a guy acts like a friend in order to get a girl into bed and gets angry when it doesn't happen. Ben is genuinely Elle's friend so this doesn't apply. I feel for Ben, but I was glad when he pulled on his independent pants and went and lived his life. Of all the characters in the Beaumont universe, Elle has developed the most as a character so far. She has the most human reactions to things and even though she doesn't think so, wears her hears on her sleeve.

    She feels guilty that she told Noah to say goodbye to Peyton and he didn't, and she pulled through. Elle took the responsibility of it on her shoulders. It was good she took the time to own her issues and work on them before fighting for Ben. If she hadn't, I don't think they would have worked I'm looking forward to Quinn's book. So far, he's the most enigmatic character. Apr 10, Selena Lanovara-scott rated it it was amazing. Best Friends to Lovers can it work.

    I felt for Ben how could she be so blind. I get Elle was messed up but what a horrible thing she did. I was so TeamBen in this book. I love his bro Brad I want his story something good is there him and Quinn. Ben Miller loved Elle since they met. Now hes tired of being in the friend Zone and watching her Self-destruct. After his birthday the next morning his whole world changed and hes done being her whipping boy.

    He decided to take the internship in N. Y and l Best Friends to Lovers can it work. Y and leave his bestfriend without a word. The only people he has told are his brother and the girl he rented his apt out to.

    1 in 3 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water – UNICEF, WHO

    Elle James has never been the same since her sisters accident. In ways she hates herself for thinking Peyton wasnt going to come through. She told people they should let her go. Since she been battling demons. Drinking to forget and blowing off school, friends and family. The thing is she doesnt know how to fix it. After her Best Friend Bday she realizes she made have ruined all that ways good in her life. She now trying to fix herself and figure out what happened that night. Will it be to late to make it right.

    Ben has left hes not taking her calls or text. When he does confront her on the phone he tells her he is now in a relationship. Elle cant believe how cold Ben was when she finally gets him on the phone. Only she cant find him anywhere. She even tries the one person who at the moment cant stand her his brother. She knows now she has to find him and make this right. When she begs the neighbor where he is she shocked hes in N. Y and never told her. Shes even more shocked when he walks right past her and doesnt even notice her and kisses someone else.

    The time for truths to be told "Your voice is my coffee,my kick-start to start my morning of right. Apr 08, JoAnna G rated it really liked it. This is book two in the Beaumont Next Generation series. This book is the other twin, Elle the kids from the original series. I have not missed a single book in either series and I refused to start now. I knew there would be heartbreak and tears and tissues.


    I was not wrong. This book was just as amazing and awesome and every word you can think of. How the rol This is book two in the Beaumont Next Generation series. How the roles have changed. Peyton, growing up was a tomboy and beat away on a set of drums. Elle was the princess, very much a little girly girl. She has now grown into a beautiful but troubled woman.

    Elle is spiraling after what happened to her sister in the previous book. She can't claw her way back out of the hole she is in and doesn't think there is a problem. Everyone is trying to help her be there for her. She is on the verge of flunking out of school and partying it up and not caring. She thinks everyone is going to be there for her. Especially Ben, her best friend.

    Elle in her downward spiral makes a choice that can ruin her friendship with Ben. Through it all she has an amazing support system. Her parents, brother Quinn and Peyton. Ben is the best friend you can have. He is her biggest fan and her number one supporter until one big fat thing happens. He's been in love with her forever and she only sees him as her best friend. Then, when she sees a girl flirting she get this weird feeling in the pit of her stomach.

    Insert bad choice right here. Slowly everything starts to fall apart for him. When he is offered the ideal situation he jumps on it. I don't blame him I would as well. Now, as I was saying I was so worried thinking I would get this weird feeling reading these books because they were so small and young previously. Oh, how wrong I was. Now their adults and I fell in love with them again. Heidi wrote a great story about the ups and downs of their lives. It wasn't over the top and was told in a great way. I loved reading about their growth, mostly Elle though.

    It was a great journey and I got to read about my favorite persona Harrison again. I would love to read about Quinn next. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. New Adult. About Heidi McLaughlin. Heidi McLaughlin. Originally, from the Pacific Northwest, she now lives in picturesque Vermont, with her husband, two daughters, and their three dogs. In , Heidi turned her passion for reading into a full-fledged literary career, writing over twenty novels, including the acclaimed Forever My Girl.

    To stay connected with Heidi visit www. Other books in the series. Beaumont: Next Generation 4 books. Books by Heidi McLaughlin. Trivia About My Unexpected Lov No trivia or quizzes yet. I would rather die than give up drinking. When the missionary Francis Xavier visited Kagoshima Prefecture in , he recorded that "the Japanese drink arak made from rice [ That is because once inebriated they immediately lie down and go to sleep. What a nuisance! It is generally distilled from a fermented liquid similar to molasses.

    Repeated distillation forms ethyl alcohol of high purity which is typically odorless and has a taste of little distinction. It is generally produced in modern large factories. In Japan it retails in plastic bottle, can, and paper cup form and is consumed as a cheap alcoholic drink.

    The equipment used for single distillation is called a pot still. Recently however larger corporations have been entering the market. Maturation generally takes between one and three months. Maturation from three to six months is called beginning maturation. But long-term maturation does not always improve the flavor.

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    On the other hand, long-term maturation is particularly effective for awamori. Distillers often mature awamori for longer than ten years. These places include tunnels and limestone caverns. However, since the term was not formally defined naming disputes arose. Those satisfying the final condition are excluded.

    This name derives from its production process: [22]. It has a fairly thick taste, and appears to have originally developed in regions too warm for sake production. However, if cask-aged the taste can be quite sharp and strongly reminiscent of single-malt whisky. Originally it was almost exclusively produced in Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures, but nowadays is made across Japan using locally grown sweet potatoes. It tends to have a strong taste and a distinctive smell; more recently producers have made varieties whose aroma is somewhat suppressed.

    From the Edo period through to the time of the Pacific War , the Amami Islands produced drinks such as Awamori and a distilled alcohol based on brown sugar. From the middle of the war through to the American occupation, because of a shortage of rice the base ingredient of Awamori and an inability to export the sugar-based alcohol to the mainland, a large surplus was produced. Before the war another alcoholic drink based on brown sugar was made in the Ogasawara Islands. However, as Ogasawara does not qualify for the above special regional exemption, this alcohol is instead classified as rum or spirits.

    The fermentation process employs black koji mold indigenous to Okinawa rather than the standard white variety, and secondary fermentation is not performed. It is also widely used in sake production to stop fermentation before it is complete, which can help prevent degradation or give a dry taste. Its source and ingredients were not apparent, and in extreme cases contained toxic methyl alcohol diluted with water. The expressions kasutori literature and kasutori culture also came to be associated with the upheavals of the postwar period.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Japanese liquor. For the Korean liquor, see Soju. For the Chinese liquor, see Baijiu. Main article: Aspergillus oryzae. Main article: Awamori.