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In addition, consider contacting your local fire department and donating to them. Flood them with that. At this time no donation could bring them what a simple smile can. Go countrywide.

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Stand tall my fellow people as the firefighters stand for all. Thank you Jeremy. My friends and myself did donate to the cause but just to let you know what we did was so small compared to the hugh job you and all had to bare and still are. Hard, tasking, relentless is fighting fire and you guys and gals make me proud.

Nice work but then another fire call at 6 am today. What a moving reflection and pure goodness running through it all. What a heart wrenching account.

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Wildfire terrifies me. It seems to have a consciousness, with malevolent intent. When I see it and hear it it brings a primal fear and I know that these people who chose to stand against it and fight are real heros! They deserve to be paid like hedge fund CEOs! That being said I support and donate every year to the fire dept.

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From the community members who were there when the storm first hit, the local VFD volunteers, many of which are over 50 or 60! Anything we can do to make your effort easier, we are here for you. Thank you. Thank you guys, the bravest men in the world.. Thank you Kym!

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A young girl dancing with a handsome stranger notices his cloven hooves.

By squandering precious resources, the leaders of North America have contained the enemy to several bridgeheads. Major Mike O'Neal commands the only force capable of engaging the Posleen in a war of maneuver. Even "Mighty Mite" O'Neal despairs of victory, as clueless politicians and self-serving "allies" cause his soldiers to die in battle against hopeless odds. We were living in a Golden Age, muses O'Neal, before the Posleen came, and he struggles to prevent his troops from becoming mere killing machines by keeping alive the memory of what was once and might be again.

Despite the novel's somber tone, there's hope that the schemes of our supposed allies to see the Posleen and us destroy one another may fail.