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Joab, however, was a much more dangerous enemy because he had commanded the army. Because of the murders he had committed, he was indeed worthy of death see Exodus — Thus, he had no right to claim the sanctuary of the altar, and Solomon was not obligated to honor his claim to sanctuary. Benaiah succeeded Joab as captain of the host, the top military position in the kingdom under the king.

Shimei was from Bahurim, which was a short distance east of Jerusalem. To have a known enemy of the crown in a city where the Ammonites and Moabites could easily go to conspire with him would have provided future opportunity for treason. He could have had Shimei executed by royal order.

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Instead, Solomon brought him to Jerusalem and made him swear on oath that he would not cross the Brook Kidron, the eastern boundary of Jerusalem. This restriction lends further support to the idea that Solomon did not want Shimei collaborating with the eastern enemies of Israel.

Three years later, because Shimei violated his oath, Solomon had him executed. There is no force at all in the excuses which some commentators adduce in his favour, founded upon the money which his slaves had cost him, and the wish to recover possession of them, which was a right one in itself. By the breach of his oath he had forfeited his life.

And this is the first thing with which Solomon charges him, without his being able to offer any excuse; and it is not till afterwards that he adduces as a second fact in confirmation of the justice of his procedure, the wickedness that he practised towards his father. The army was also the police power. If he were sent, the job was sure to be done. Criminals were punished by death for specified crimes. Otherwise, they were required to make restitution to the person harmed. Sometimes they were placed under house arrest on their own honor, as was Shimei, or they were banished.

Early in his reign Solomon elected to marry the daughter of the Egyptian pharaoh. Since Israel had imposed its sovereignty throughout the region, Solomon apparently considered it important to neutralize any hostility on the part of Egypt, for Egypt had been accustomed to using Canaan as a base for military operations. Marriages between royal families were often politically motivated; such a marriage was a way of signing a treaty between two countries.

Nevertheless, the marriage of Solomon to the daughter of the pharaoh showed a lack of faith in the Lord, who had promised to defend Israel and fight her battles see Deuteronomy ; Joshua The tabernacle built by Moses was at this time located in Gibeon along with the great altar upon which sacrifices had been offered since the days of Moses.

Solomon approached the Lord as a humble, obedient servant, and he was rewarded for his meekness with a wise and understanding heart. Perhaps no other person was ever given a greater gift of wisdom. David had governed his new empire almost single-handedly, needing only a commanding general, a chief scribe and a few secretaries. Adoniram would supervise both foreign slave laborers the descendants of those people who had survived the Israelite Conquest and a newly organized, conscripted labor force of Israelites, who served one out of every three months.

Such leadership had been necessary to unite the 12 independent and often quarrelsome tribes during the military conquest of Canaan. But now Israel was at peace and her territory was greatly enlarged. The nation sorely needed a more efficient method of government. So Solomon divided Israel into 12 administrative districts, all comparatively equal in population and resources. To accommodate the new territory, the arbitrary divisions ignored the old tribal boundaries, and for all practical purposes the tribal distinctions were abandoned except for temple duties and genealogies.

The officers in turn imposed the burden of providing food on the farmers and shepherds, and quite a burden it was. Barley also and straw for the horses and swift steeds they brought to the place where it was required, each according to his charge. Solomon had, therefore, as tributaries, the kingdoms of Syria, Damascus, Moab, and Ammon, which lay between the Euphrates and the Mediterranean.

The book of Proverbs contains some of the proverbs of Solomon, though not all that he wrote, and almost certainly not all writings in the present book of Proverbs were written by Solomon. The Song of Solomon, which the Prophet Joseph Smith said is not an inspired writing see Song of Solomon a , is only one of many songs written by Solomon. Also, two of the psalms are attributed to Solomon see Psalms 72, So, David spent much time and energy in gathering materials for the temple.

When Solomon came to the throne, one of the first things he did was direct his attention to building the temple.

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And why was this revelation-pattern necessary? Because Solomon had never built a temple, and did not know what was necessary in the arrangement of the different apartments, any better than Moses did what was needed in the tabernacle. The temple of Solomon was later destroyed, and the kingdom of Judah was scattered. See Notes and Commentary on Ezra — He laid the foundation in the fourth year of his reign, and the building was completed within seven years and a half.

With the great wealth accumulated by his kingly father and specifically reserved for the building of the Temple, Solomon was able to put the [surrounding lands] under tribute, and to enlist the co-operation of nations in his great undertaking. The temple workmen numbered scores of thousands, and every department was in charge of master craftsmen.

To serve on the great structure in any capacity was an honor; and labor acquired a dignity never before recognized. Talmage, The House of the Lord, pp. True, the Tabernacle had but one enclosure, while the Temple was surrounded by courts, but the inner structure itself, the Temple proper, closely followed the earlier design.

The dimensions of the Holy of Holies, the Holy Place, and the Porch, were in the Temple exactly double those of the corresponding parts in the Tabernacle. The temple was long and narrow. According to the dimensions cited in the Bible, the temple was about one hundred feet long and thirty feet wide. It stood on a platform about nine feet high. The temple itself was about forty-five feet high.

The month of Bul corresponds approximately with the month of November. The different divisions are given in vers. A chapiter is an ornament or decoration at the top of a column or pillar see William Wilson, Old Testament Word Studies, s. Bible scholars have generally been confused concerning the use of the huge molten sea of brass.

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Modern revelation assists the student today to understand its purpose. McConkie explained:. This brazen sea was used for performing baptisms for the living. There were no baptisms for the dead until after the resurrection of Christ. Some equivalent word, such as wash, would have been used by the Hebrew peoples. This is tantamount to saying that the priests performed baptisms in it.

First came the installation of the Ark of the Covenant and its appurtenances, the Tabernacle of the Congregation, and the holy vessels. With great solemnity and to the accompaniment of ceremonial sacrifice, the Ark was brought by the priests and placed within the Holy of Holies beneath the wings of the cherubim. Standing before the altar of the Lord, in the court of the Temple, the king spread forth his hands toward heaven, and offered the dedicatory prayer. The Lord our God be with us, as he was with our fathers: let him not leave us, nor forsake us.

Before Solomon gave the dedicatory prayer, a cloud of glory filled the house of God, indicating the very presence of God. When the prayer was over, Solomon addressed the people and urged them to be faithful to the Lord. These verses contain a remarkable promise to Israel. In several places the Lord indicated that He uses the weather to chastise His people to bring them to repentance. Kimball said:. He said to the children of Israel:.

First Kings —36 indicates that if the people repent of their sins, looking to the house of the Lord in prayer and supplication, the weather can be tempered and made to operate in behalf of the righteous. Comes from a far country see v. Comes in the name of the Lord see v. Prays toward the house of the Lord see v. Asks the Lord for certain blessings upon Israel which Solomon asks the Lord to heed see v.

Thirty-four years after its dedication, and but five years subsequent to the death of Solomon, its decline began; and this decline was soon to develop into general spoliation, and finally to become an actual desecration. Solomon the king, the man of wisdom, the master-builder, had been led astray by the wiles of idolatrous women, and his wayward ways had fostered iniquity in Israel.

The nation was no longer a unit; there factions and sects, parties and creeds, some worshipping on the hill-tops, others under green trees, each party claiming excellence for its own particular shrine. The Temple soon lost its sanctity. The gift became depreciated by the perfidy [betrayal] of the giver, and Jehovah withdrew His protecting presence from the place no longer holy.

He taxed the people heavily and used forced labor to complete his massive projects. The people began to complain, and a deep resentment, especially in the northern tribes, began to fester. In between were the salaried civil servants and the merchants and artisans, many of whom had organized craft guilds by that time. As a result, Solomon was able to secure gold from Ophir thought to be a port in southern Arabia to be used to build the temple. It is very likely that the woman was a Sabean from Arabia near the southern end of the Red Sea see Clarke, Commentary, Three proofs are offered: 1 the area in which the Sabeans lived is known to have abounded in riches and spices; 2 many ancient writers refer to the gold and silver mines of Saba; and 3 the Sabeans had women rather than men for their rulers.

The description here indicates that the throne was similar to a round-topped, two-armed chair. The stays, or hands, were armrests on which the king could lean. These verses sum up the tremendous wealth Solomon had amassed. Part of his wealth came through trading and international commerce, but much of it came through the economic oppression of the people.

This chapter details the tragic fall of King Solomon. Having experienced a near death experience from a pulmonary embolism in and a high risk cancer patient, feeling compelled to making a difference in the lives of others and building a legacy, with no previous pageantry experience she entered the Mrs Commonwealth pageant going on to win Mrs Commonwealth SA , Mrs Charity Commonwealth , Ms Universal Elegance 2nd Princess. A pinacle reflection of a child raised by a village — she has been structured by the wisdom and teachings of her grandmother, Nontutuzelo Nicholette Dial.

She is the MD of Simpho Research and Consulting — a company that renders qualitative research services and diverse consultation of personal and organizational development. She is the founder of Destined for Greatness, an organization that mentors young people in character and career building. The organisation offers inspirational talks, leadership skills training, mentorship and Talita Koum Seminars aimed at empowering women. As a speaker, Simamkele carries a great gift of speaking which has been further nurtured by her life experiences.

It is through her talks that she aims to transform and shape character through wisdom and gained experience. She recorded with Christian Explainers in Cape Town Brenda is not just about music. Her inner and outer beauty has also opened other exciting doors for her.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of CEED Group, whose operations include business consulting, financial services, corporate training and coaching, property management and publishing. As a minister of the gospel, Dr. His vision in this regard is to support Christian leaders and entrepreneurs to make sustainable impact in the marketplace through practical training and coaching.

This vision has apparently been shaped by his experience as a professional coach and his exposure to diverse business, leadership and organisational coaching engagements. Since he became he became involved with coaching in , he has been active as a coach and coach-trainer. These initiatives are aimed at contributing to business development, capacity building and corporate management.

Imevbore is a public speaker and author. In , after he obtained a MTh. Masters in Theology with honors in Missional Leadership from the University of Stellenbosch, he served in four congregations. He is also an accredited mediator, coach and counsellor and CEO of New Beginning Centre, a marketplace ministry he founded two years ago. Pastor Leon is married to Carika, a social worker, and they have two children. Reon 14 and Anri She is a powerful prayer warrior and sound prophetic voice to the nations. She was part of the pioneering team of Royal Proclamations Women of Glory Outreach Ministry and faithfully served in coordinating and leading community-based outreach programs to homeless women for over ten years.

She loves to cook and entertain and has a huge passion to mentor young women and see them develop into their full stature in Christ. Early Registration Through October 17, Standard Registration After October 17, To register, contact: Mrs Bola Imevbore via Email at: oimevbore gmail.

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Date: Tuesday, November 7, Click on button below to register. Featured speakers and presenters are recognized corporate, academic, business, church and community leaders with the high -caliber expertise and credentials. The Youth Summit will run concurrently with the main event and will be held at the same time and same location. However, seating is VERY limited and on a first come first serve basis. However, that was before he trusted Christ as Savoir. Born and raised in Oakland, California,Gerry Williams started indulging in pornography and consuming drugs and alcohol in his early teens. For 12 years he struggled with his addictions, was often homeless and in and out of jail.

Ana is the producer and host of El Show de Analeh, a weekly program on the Univision network and Telefutura. Ana presently serves as a volunteer in various non-profit organizations. TILLERY is a certified life coach, energetic motivational speaker, and teacher who enjoys working with adults and the collegiate age. Her passion for family and career, and her ability to balance her many roles successfully enables her to help others find their place of success. She is also an adjunct professor in the graduate engineering program at the University of Hartford where she teaches Urban Transportation Planning.

ABOUT: Handy Luigi has lead multiple ventures in the business financial, networking, construction and entertainment industries over the past 20 years. His current mission is to help entrepreneurs protect, grow and unlock business value in order to fund their life and legacy goals. For that purpose he runs the Business Leadership Mastermind, a group of over members who unite their brainpower and experience to grow their individual businesses. If he is not busy connecting local entrepreneurs or designing financial plans them you will find him home with his wife and kids, happily married and living in Fairfield County CT for the past 10 years.

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ABOUT: Karen helps businesses create respectful and cooperative work cultures that attract and engage superior talent, resulting in increased bottom lines and exceptional customer service. Businesses leaders that realize their employees are their most important asset as they interact with clients and work to increase profits, benefit immensely from civility training. She is a powerful prayer warrior with a prophetic mantle upon her life. Her assignment is to abolish the chains of bondage in the lives of women by promoting the hope and faith that is necessary to produce the character to rise to greatness, and operate in their God given destiny in the midst of the struggle.

She is also a licensed Realtor.

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D in Theological studies. Renita presently lives in New Haven CT. He creates strategies and plans to develop personal identity and brand, enabling leaders to find their voice and live in significance with meaningful contribution. His intuitive and authentic approach is insightful and inspiring enabling leaders to connect the dots, gain perspective and create solutions to challenging problems.

Will works for a fortune 50 aerospace company where he has accumulated a wealth of professional experience in engineering, business, and product development. He is an excellent communicator, leadership coach, and facilitator and is an expert at creating strategy and communication packages. Will carries an apostolic and prophetic mandate to release awakening in CT and to the nations. He is a member of KCIA — Kingdom Congressional International Alliance — which is a marketplace organization of apostolic and prophetic leaders where he was commissioned.

She believes the road to success is getting in front of your fear. Vanessa is determined to uncover the secrets of how successful people and companies operate, and teach that to the upcoming Leaders. In her spare time, she devotes time in mentoring young Adult and Women.

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Your investment in a Call to Destiny Summit sponsorship will provide instant opportunities to connect your organization, its products and services, to diverse, dynamic and multi-generational global audience of business professionals — a significant consumer market. Call to Destiny multi-cultural, multi-national, and multi-generational model facilitates a conference experience that is culturally relevant to participants and allows sponsors to tailor their message as they deepen their reach in this powerful consumer segment.

In addition to the benefits of connecting with hundreds of professionals locally and internationally, your sponsorship also brings success tools and inspiration to many under-served students, who attend on scholarship made possible by the generous support of sponsors. Please contact us at: Info RoyalProclamations. We thank you in anticipation of your support. Please adjust the time accordingly. The agenda is subject to change. Light Refreshments will be served. Invite friends and spread the word. Between Dubai and Lebanon, music never left his heart. Bassam Nader, at an early age started exploring his passion and living it.

Entertainment is what he lives for. He worked hard to finally achieve his dream and is still stepping forward as each day passes by. He has held many events with popular artists and bands from different nationalities. Speaking more than one language has helped him develop more through his career and be what he always wished to be. Always forget the past and focus on what God has for you in the future. This led to his gaining the confidence and courage to minister in public. He ministered alongside her performing in big concerts around Uganda in churches and big stadiums, and later began composing his own songs and recording his own music.

Architect Ninu Alec is a world renowned entrepreneur and leading authority in the design and architectural industry. She is the CEO of Trendz International a global design company that boasts of experience and uniqueness in the world of architecture and interiors.

Alec leads a dynamic team of highly talented Architects, Engineers and Professionals with a combined expertise of over 40 years of local and international design experience. She has graced numerous platforms encouraging and inspiring audiences with her message of personal development and achievement. She is committed to impacting and changing the mind-set of her generation.

It is a practical, hands-on, highly engaging, results oriented ministry and marketplace impact maximization training seminar where you will be equipped with the practical tools and strategies to unleash your legacy and make your mark for eternity. YOU will acquire concrete strategies and create a strategic plan that will position you to deepen your influence and impact for the glory of God. The Call to Destiny Summit Experience will awaken your zest for God and his kingdom and serve as a KEY catalyst in unlocking your potential and connecting you with the resources that will propel you to your next level in God.

Get clear on your ultimate calling and destiny and how to achieve it. Seating is VERY limited. Make your move. Reserve your spot, NOW. The world is waiting for YOU! Pastor Seyi Eyitayo is the founder and senior pastor of M. C Church, which is a church with a mission to help people find their identity in Christ and build purposeful relationships in every areas of their life.

Click on the link to learn more about: Seyi Eyitayo. Hannah Oyewole is a social entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author of the new sensational book I Dare You. Hannah Oyewole broke down several barriers, including being born in London to a single parent mother with six other children, to become an author and a successful entrepreneur. She is the founder of Young Ladies Club, a lifestyle and empowerment brand that focuses on developing young ladies in; Entrepreneurship, Employability, Education and Personal Development.

Hannah has graced numerous platforms encouraging and inspiring audiences with her message of personal development and achievement. She has a first class honors degree in Business Management. Click on the link to learn more about: Hannah Oyewole. Darren August is the Founder and CEO of Dazz Consulting, a dynamic training organisation committed to seeing people thrive and succeed. He is passionate about life, people and education and believes in maximizing every opportunity to impact the lives of others. Click here to learn more about: Darren August.

She is the co-pastor at Bethel Ministries in Johannesburg, a vibrant spirit filled church which she pastors with her husband. Pastor Adelaide is also a sought after conference speaker, a qualified internal auditor of sixteen years, corporate banker of fifteen and a business analyst of five years. She is passionate about advancing the Kingdom of God and seeing Believers thrive and prosper in their divine calling and destiny. He is a Nigerian-born Prince resident in South Africa for over twenty-five years. As a minister of the gospel and community servant, he oversees the Shekinah Fellowship Ministry, a fast growing multi-cultural church also in Johannesburg.