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Keira decides to make coffee when she runs into her friend who works for Teddy's family and told him what happened. He fires the chef who was famous around Manhatten but needed a chef for party Teddy's that he for forgot. So he asks Keira stay and cook for him she could pay him back for letting him stay at his home. They were having the party when her two step sisters showed up and crashed the party. The guests were very snooty and made comments about the poor women whose house burnt down and that Teddy hired to cook for his party.

Keira was heartbroken so she went up to her room. Well this books goes on about the budding relationship between Teddy and Keira. One day when she comes into work she see Teddy's friend Roger sitting there he starts talking to her and she wanted to find out how he found her. Twists, turns, heartbreak, step sister drama, and a wonderful sauce.

I really went through different emotions in reading this novel.

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I stayed up half of night reading because I couldn't put it down and I wanted to read it all at. Jul 29, Alice Streets rated it it was amazing. Friends and Neighbors Teddy and Kiara are next door neighbors that grew up. Theodore Brickman is a Billionaire playboy who always got whatever he wanted and did whatever his father wanted him to. One night he throws a party the guests decide its a good idea to a bonfire by the back fence it gets out of control and burns down the neighbors cottage. Kiara Davies is the daugher and sister of Marines and lives in Brooklyn while going to college to become a lawyer.

She gets a call that there has been s Friends and Neighbors Teddy and Kiara are next door neighbors that grew up. She gets a call that there has been some damage to her family's cottage in Long Island so she drives out there to see what the damage is. Finds out that her twin stepsisters threw a party and a made a mess.

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She gets the house all righted again. While she's home she runs into Teddy. After she has dinner she decides to go to bed but cant bc the music from the party and the bon fire from next are too much.


She gets dressed and goes over there to have a word with Teddy about it. They see each other across the fire and sparks fly. What does she do? Does she stay?

Does she go? Do they talk? Or do they ignore each other?

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May 01, Jennifer Prescott rated it it was amazing. Kiara is proud of her strength and not needing others to help her. Teddy is a rich playboy who seems as far from being as independent as Kiara as possible. They grew up next to each other in an exclusive neighborhood, but as different as possible in every way. Yet after a disaster that the partygoers at Teddy's estate destroys everything Kiara has, they start to learn more about each other. Kiara stubbornly refuses to accept Teddy's offer to help her, and he won't give up trying to make things b Kiara is proud of her strength and not needing others to help her.

Kiara stubbornly refuses to accept Teddy's offer to help her, and he won't give up trying to make things better for her, but he doesn't understand that money can't fix everything. After numerous misunderstandings and clashes with nasty "high society" girls, Kiara learns several lessons about accepting help, family and Teddy's desire to help. And Teddy learns that all his money is just a chain keeping him from understanding real life and how to handle real relationships.

Finally, Kiara and Teddy find their way to one another, as if they were destined to be together, and they get the chance to live "happily ever after"! Jun 05, Bellereader rated it it was amazing. Kiara and Teddy may come from different sides of the fence but they both feel outsiders to their lives.

Kiara is lonely - with her father and brother off serving our country, her mother passed on, and two stepsisters she just cant relate to she has no one to lean. Join Cinderella and the gang for a Belter of a family Pantomime. Filled with pop chart hits, dancing and the good old Scottish banter. Cinderella is absolutely gutted when her evil step Sisters Whitney and Britney make her rip up her invitation to the V. P party to see Pop Star Sensation P. Charming live. But with a little help from best pal DJ Buttons and her Fabulous Fairy Godmother she might just grab a taxi to get her there on time to meet the man of her dreams.

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Jlia I. How the rotten can be so low This movie very good. How the rotten can be so low Flag this review. Zachary Z. Flag this review. Emma J. Aug 12, I loved this movie since i was a kid. Brianne S. Adam R. Jul 29, A dumb version of the story with obvious faults, but I liked it anyways.

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Claire M. Nov 11, There are better "modern Cinderella" movies out there, but it's not bad either. Sam J.